“I’m Seriously dying right now!! do you see what time you responded to my email? I’m not even gonna tell you!! … Just LOOK!! Nutz!!
You are such a rockstar getting back to me so quickly! I love your passion for what you do!! ..makes coming to you not only easier, and more pleasant, but it gives me such a happy uplifting feeling in my heart!! ”

I responded to this client at 1:11 pm ON 10-20-2020

I received this from a returning client. 


very grateful for - R. Burns sent you a message.

Wow…I just happen to be life path 22 but am Ophiuchus on the Sag side and you pretty much had me in tears with your beautiful reading on you tube today. I really admire your strength and hope many will take note and example and NEVER give up. Warriors of Love like you bring my faith in humanity to renew.I love you and may blessings rain down upon you, you have a humility I have seen in very few.

-You are amazing says a number 22