The Ministry of Robin’s Realm Readings Is About Encouragement * Enlightenment * Entertainment * Confirmations * Synchronicities*

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I offer you only the best insights and in depth spiritual guidance, and direct information from your guides.
We take a deeper look into your question which might include: past, present, future advice, outcomes, relationships and extra oracle card guidance.

Akashic Readings, Healing Messages, Mayan Horoscope and Life Path / Love.

I have several reading packages available to choose from in my shop.

Note: By all means, please add your dates of birth and questions when you sent payment. I will respond as soon as possible.I can get extremely busy and if a payment is submitted my eye is discerning toward payments of $77.77 or higher, as this price qualifies for phone or zoom connections.  Thank you.

Disclaimer: Esoteric and Intuitive Guidance, is a personal choice and it is known that it is considered entertainment and therefore, my loves, use good judgement with what you learn from visiting, and interacting with us, we Love you. You must use good judgement , take care of your selves, take responsibility for you decisions, and be willing to be flexible with yourself and others. Note: All readings are anonymous and divinely guided to assist you, and you will be blessed.



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5 -Element Energy Reading- Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit-
Master # 22 Lesson